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What is Social Media?

It is impossible to ignore the power of social media. Once regarded as something for entertainment and connecting with friends, Social Media can now boast to being one of the biggest drivers of sales for businesses globally. But with so many platforms out there to choose from, which is best for your business, and should you try to be on all of them?
There’s a simple answer to that. No!

Every platform caters to a different segment of the general mainstream audience. The bride-to-be who spends her evening pinning wedding decoration ideas on pinterest will be very different to the social activist who might be an avid twitter user.

Facebook will be a great place for you to build a page of past customers and also enable you to target any ads you do locally. Get your customers to leave testimonials on your facebook page that can act as a credibility booster to potential customers. You could look into using twitter to respond to emergency call outs, but the likelihood is that if you’re a one man business, you will be busy working and won’t notice the tweet. Twitter is known for rapid responses so suits people who are sat at a computer.

Most social media platforms are pretty easy for you to engage with, but the big ones for you will be the visually based. Think instagram, tumblr, and pinterest. Pinterest is slowly becoming the most influential sales tool, especially for the female audience. Snap everything you’re doing and share it. Look at how you can tell your story using short video clips on vine. Twitter is also a great way to connect to other creatives and build collaborative opportunities.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram will work well for you because they’re visual but also give room for you to share offers and connect with customers. Fill up your accounts with pics of your food, chefs, people enjoying your meals and also the atmosphere of your venue if you have one. Get people to snap a picture of themselves eating your food and share it on instagram with your hashtag, and then offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Twitter and LinkedIn will be a great place for you to track and connect with potential clients. LinkedIn can allow you to search all employees within a company, so it’s a pretty easy way to try and open up meetings without going through all of the departments to find the right person. Twitter can be a good place to share company updates and make initial introductions to your company.

I’ve seen twitter work really well for social enterprises. It allows short, frequent updates, which can work well when sending a socially aware message that’s shareable, or inspiring people to take action. After all, people are short of time so being able to capture their interest for a few seconds is sometimes enough to make a difference.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Choose a platform to view information:



  • Over 700 million active users – biggest platform if you seek to engage with many people simultaneously
  • A Business Facebook page is seen as the “new” website
  • Perfect for posting any length of update, text/visual
  • Great search facilities for people and businesses
  • Reliant on getting people to your page, however, you want the right people following you, it literally is about building a community to share your updates with and put your products / services in front of


  • Around 200 million users
  • Sending out the same number of micro blogs (approx.) every day…Twitter is a very effective channel of communication
  • It is the ultimate, real-time conversational platform
  • Perfect if you like to keep your posts short, sweet and less than one hundred and forty characters
  • Easy to dive in and out of, and ideal for making connections quickly and without fuss


  • Google+ is arguably the most important social network for businesses
  • Google+ integrates with the entire Google stable and it carries significant weight in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Allows you to “group” your contacts and choose who you share information with


  • More than 277 million members
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network
  • Formal, business-centred platform
  • Great search capabilities to develop specific connections


  • Over 2 billion views a day, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world
  • YouTube originally was a platform to share short videos with people
  • It is now an essential tool for any business or individual looking to reach a large number of people


  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined
  • Pinterest users first have to be attracted to your pins and repin them to their boards
  • Successful pins have some traits in common – combine images with content to solve a problem, inspire, offer something desirable or appeal to interest in a hobby or activity
  • Pinterest is slowly becoming the most influential sales tool, especially for the female audience


  • Instagram is increasingly important in the social media scene, with over 75% of leading brands already present on the platform
  • A mobile-first visual sharing network, it is shaping the ways people interact not only with one-another, but also with brands and companies
  • Follow directly on Instagram or share onto other social media sites


  • Tumblr has become the Internet’s blog darling
  • More than 60 million accounts worldwide
  • Its users are highly engaged and eager to interact with compelling content
  • It is also a great visual platform
  • Major brands have flocked to the platform

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