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“Our philosophy… Making time for YOU to run YOUR
business with all your social media solutions”

It seems the whole world revolves around social media these days, doesn’t it?
Hashtags are mentioned in the news, on television, radio and in print. Everyone’s constantly sharing information, building their own topics and making new connections.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+… which one to “use” and where do you start????

And once you have started, how do you continue, not only on the platform(s) you have chosen, but how do you keep current with what is happening in the World of Social Media?

Save Yourself Time, Money & Stress.  Get Clear On Your Social Media & Online Marketing Strategy With Personalised Training, Support, Mentoring & Management

Why use Time For Media?

At Time For Media, our USP (Unique Selling Point!!) is:
We will understand YOUR business and act as YOUR business, we will understand YOUR philosophy and business and tailor all of YOUR needs to match that.

So, the main question that we are always asked – HOW AND WHERE DO WE START?????

You always need to start with an end goal ! Simple isn’t it….

Social Media is like any other form of advertising so needs to have a strategy. Time For Media can work with you on your campaign strategy, training on different sites, mentoring, advising and also managing your accounts if you so wish.

Using social media allows you to interact with your customers, build a community and attract new customers. Most importantly it allows you to track your competitors and to manage your own customer service, something sadly missed by a lot of businesses…

Whether it is a one to one meeting or you have a team that require training, please contact Time For Media TODAY for your FREE review and to understand how we can help you !

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Did you know that also in the North East you can apply for funding to support Social Media Initiatives:


Social media is big these days, but it’s not just another trend. It will be with us as long as the Internet, which means forever, or until the collapse of modern civilization.
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“Whether you’re launching a startup or expanding an established business, if you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have social media presence, your company is at a competitive disadvantage.”
– Richard Branson
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